• Analog Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Digital Excitation & Control System
  • Synchronous Machine Protection Control & Monitoring System
  • Power Plant Automation
  • Customized and Retrofit Solution as per Available Space
Analog Automatic Voltage Regulator

The AVC63-12 and AVC125-10 voltage regulators are designed to control the output of a brushless excited synchronous generator. They are designed to be very rugged, are perfect for a variety of applications, and are especially suitable where the generator is installed in a harsh environment. They can accept supplemental control inputs for utility paralleling applications where a VAR/PF control and Over/Under Excitation Limiter are used. These regulators are extremely flexible and offer jumper selection provisions for single- or three-phase sensing, 1 or 2X V/Hz, and can accept 1 or 5 Amp CTs. The power stage can accept a frequency range of 50-400Hz, and the sensing can be configured for 50/60 or 400Hz.


  • ± 0.5% voltage regulation
  • 0.5% accuracy up to 20% THD (harmonic associated with 6 SCR loads)
  • Outputs of 63Vdc @ 12Adc and 125Vdc @ 10Adc from a PWM output stage
  • 1 or 2X V/Hz limiting (jumper selectable)
  • Single- or three-phase average sensing (jumper selectable)
  • Paralleling input from 1 or 5A CT secondaries
  • Nominal sensing inputs of 120, 240, 50/60Hz or 400Hz
  • Power input from shunt connections or PMGs operating at 50 to 400Hz
  • Accessory input
  • Over excitation shutdown


DC Output AVC63-12 AVC125-10
Continuous voltage 63Vdc 125Vdc
Continuous current 12.0Adc 10.0Adc
10 second Forcing Voltage 125Vdc 250Vdc
10 second Forcing Current 24.0Adc 20Adc
Minimum Field Resistance 5.25 Ohms 12.5 Ohms
Power Plant Automation

We are providing customized solutions in the field of power plant automation. We serve for control systems and protection systems as well as complete solution for power plant operations. We are providing SCADA WITH Distributed Control System (DCS) where all power plant operation can be controlled, monitored and operated. Relay, Governor, Excitation and auxiliaries controls command. We have also given solutions for GRID PF control, Event recoding and monitoring.